German Pavilion

With the theme "Energy on Track", the German Pavilion will present the "made in Germany" Energiewende at EXPO 2017 in Astana. Using an appealing mixture of information and entertainment, the Pavilion will showcase sustainable technologies, innovative processes and pioneering solutions. The restaurant will be serving up traditional German food and beverages. And in the shop you will be able to purchase authentic souvenirs as a reminder of your visit to the German Pavilion.

Exciting exhibits
The two exhibition areas "Map of the Future" and "City of the Future" will contain extraordinary exhibits that visitors are encouraged to touch, try out and interact with. The exhibits provide a striking demonstration of Germany's skill and capability in the field of energy supply.

The highlight of the Pavilion programme is the "Energy Show”. A spectacular laser demonstration focuses attention on people as the driving force behind the Energiewende and promises to be a fascinating communal experience.

What does the German cultural programme at EXPO 2017 in Astana have to offer? Click here for the latest information at a glance.

Tour of the Pavilion
Step this way to explore the exhibition in the German Pavilion. Simply click on the individual exhibits to find out more about the "made in Germany" Energiewende.

Restaurant with German cuisine

Our restaurant in the style of a traditional German pub will be serving up classic German dishes such as pot roast and "Königsberger Klopse" (a type of meatballs in a white sauce), sauerkraut, baked fish, smoked salmon and red berry pudding. A wide and varied menu showcasing the diversity of German cuisine will be on offer, including starters and desserts — and all at family-friendly prices.

The perfect place to refuel in relaxed and comfortable surroundings during your visit. The restaurant seats around 100.

The restaurant and the souvenir shop are run by Messegastronomie Angerer & Obermayr GmbH, which has a wealth of experience in the international event catering industry.

Souvenir shop

Take time out to browse our shop for traditional souvenirs of your visit to the German Pavilion in Astana. It goes without saying that every item has the "made in Germany" seal of quality, from the beer mugs to the Black Forest dolls.