Exhibition areas

Most lasting impressions are gained through practical experience. For this reason, the exhibits in both areas of the exhibition in the German Pavilion have been especially designed to be interactive. You can look forward to first-rate infotainment on the theme of innovative German technological solutions for the energy supply of tomorrow.

The Map of the Future

In the first exhibition area, a giant map entitled the "Map of the Future" shows the changing world. You can explore the new global energy sources from a bird's eye perspective, discovering the potential of regenerative energies, such as

  • Solar energy
  • Wind power
  • Hydro power
  • Geothermal energy
  • Biomass

Topics such as intelligent networking and future energy storage technologies will also be presented.

The individual exhibits can be activated with a SmartStick, which you will receive when you enter the pavilion. You will also be able to use it to answer quiz questions and collect points. These so-called SmartPoints can then be used in the "Energy Show" at the end.

The City of the Future

In the second exhibition area, the "City of the Future", the German Pavilion will focus on people's immediate living environments. A range of current examples from Germany will be used to demonstrate the effect that switching to renewable energies can have on our everyday lives. Discover technologies, systems and products from the fields of construction and mobility — from SmartHomes to algae-powered buildings and electric vehicles.

Here too you can use your SmartStick to bring the interactive exhibits and productions to life, test your knowledge and collect more SmartPoints for the "Energy Show".

The Energy Show

The highlight of any Pavilion visit is the "Energy Show". The event will take place in a twelve-sided space with a large round table in the middle. This is where all visitors put their SmartSticks down. The SmartPoints accumulated by everyone present will be combined and transformed into energised light pulses, climaxing with a spectacular laser show of stunning images.

An intense emotional effect: As a visitor, you will experience how the world around you changes in direct response to your own actions. A shared experience that realises the power of human cooperation and creates anticipation for a new era of energy.