• Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, aka “CZ”, offered suggestions to Twitter CEO Elon Musk to improve the microblogging social media feature and reduce bots while generating more revenue.
• CZ proposed an option “people you don’t follow need to pay $0.x to comment” which would make it expensive for bots and will also be implemented with crypto.
• Twitter now allows trading in cryptocurrencies alongside stocks and other financial assets through an eToro partnership.

Binance CEO Offers New Revenue Tip to Twitter

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (aka “CZ”) recently offered some suggestions to Twitter CEO Elon Musk on how to improve the microblogging social media feature and generate more revenue. CZ proposed adding an option where people who don’t follow a user have to pay a small fee of $0.x in order to comment on their post, which would make it expensive for bots while giving users a cut of the earnings as well. Additionally, Twitter now supports trading in cryptocurrencies alongside other financial assets through an eToro partnership.

How Will This Feature Reduce Bots?

The added fee for those who are not following a user will help prevent bots from spamming comments or posts, as the cost of doing so becomes too expensive for them and they may choose other methods instead. This way, users can keep their accounts free from unwanted spam or trolling without having to manually filter through each comment every time they post something new.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Crypto To This Feature?

Adding crypto-based payments makes this system easier to implement since cryptocurrency transactions are handled automatically via blockchain technology and require very little human intervention or oversight compared with traditional payment systems. Moreover, it provides another source of revenue for both the platform itself as well as individual users who decide to take advantage of this feature by charging fees for access to their content or account information.

Will There Be Charitable Donations From This Feature?

CZ has stated that he plans on donating all proceeds earned from this new feature towards charity efforts instead of pocketing them himself, thus providing additional motivation for others who wish to do something similar with their earnings if they decide to implement this type of system on their own accounts as well.


This new suggestion from Binance’s CEO could potentially be beneficial for both Twitter and its users alike by reducing bot activity while bringing in extra revenue at the same time – plus there is always the added bonus of contributing towards charitable causes! It remains yet unseen whether or not this idea will become reality but it certainly presents an interesting opportunity worth exploring further down the line if implemented properly.