Bitcoin scam warning: Fraudsters copy Binance to Telegram

Bitcoin-Scam: Fraudsters are currently posing as representatives of the Bitcoin exchange Binance to allegedly celebrate the launch of their decennial exchange. The fraudsters promise to give away a total of 10,000 BTC in telegram groups and on websites. To do this, users must transfer Bitcoin in order to get five times the amount back.

Giving away 10,000 Bitcoin – that sounds too good to be true. And it is. The so-called giveaway scams always work according to the same scheme. Users should have a certain amount of crypto currencies – in the past this was always the case at Ethereum (ETH), currently fraudsters pretend to be Binance to give away Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin trader scam is quite elaborate

The Bitcoin trader scammers announce the action on a specially set up Bitcoin trader homepage: To celebrate the alleged launch of their Decentralized Exchange (DEX), they want to give away a total of 10,000 BTC. In order to participate, users simply have to transfer their BTC to a specific address and receive five times the amount back. The fraudsters even set up a transaction history, which looks as if transactions are constantly coming in and out. In addition, there is a group in the Telegram Messenger with a total of 29,000 members. Users regularly post that the system is supposed to work.

Binance warns against crypto trader scam

However, the stock exchange does not confirm the giveaway on their Twitter account. It officially says that the promotion is a crypto trader scam: “We’ve noticed that there are a number of fake telegram groups pretending to be Binance. Our official English telegram channel is All other official groups can be found at… Tell your friends and the community that everyone is safe.

In an attached February tweet, the Bitcoin Exchange representatives say they would never give away crypto currencies in the form described above:

Scammers are impersonating official Binance accounts and tweeting to ask for deposits to specific addresses in return for gifts.

You will lose your tokens if you do this!

Binance will never ask you to send coins directly to any address for any reason. Watch it! Watch it! Scammers imitate official Binance accounts and tweet to ask for deposits at specific addresses for gifts.

You will lose your tokens if you do! Binance will never ask you to send coins directly to any address for any reason.

Stay safe!