• The article predicts the future price of Arbitrum (ARB) with a bullish prediction for 2023 of $1.2622 to $1.4361, and a bearish prediction of $0.9079.
• It analyses the price patterns by using technical analysis indicators such as RVOL, MA, RSI, ADX, and RVI.
• The article also compares the performance of ARB to BTC and ETH, as well as providing an overview of its current market status.


This article provides a detailed Arbitrum (ARB) price prediction for 2023-2030 by analyzing the cryptocurrency’s price patterns with trader-friendly technical analysis indicators. It also compares ARB’s performance to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), and provides an overview of its current market status.

Arbitrum (ARB) Current Market Status

At the time of writing this article, ARB is ranked 36th on CoinMarketCap in terms of its market capitalization with a 24-hour trading volume of $118,346,521 USDT and circulating supply of 1,275 million tokens. Its all-time high was recorded on Mar 23rd 2023 at $11.80 USDT and all-time low was reached on Jun 15th 2023 at $0.9142 USDT.

What is Arbitrum (ARB)?

Arbitrum is a layer 2 scaling solution developed by Off-chain labs that sits atop Ethereum blockchain to provide cheap & fast transactions while reducing congestion on main chain & supporting integration with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). After its mainnet launch last year it has been widely used by developers for hosting their dApps.

Arbitrum (ARB) Price Prediction 2023

                              ARB/USDT chart shows a rounding bottom pattern which implies that there is potential for further growth in near future if it breaks out from this pattern above resistance level around $1.40 USDT mark which may lead to an increase in prices up to mid-$1s range in coming months before the end of year 2023 according to our bullish prediction . The support levels are situated between 0.85 – 0 .90 USDT mark however if prices break below these levels then bearish trend will be witnessed possibly taking prices back down close to 0 .80 USDT mark according to our bearish prediction .

Comparison Of ARB With BTC And ETH

 In order to gain some insight about how ARB might perform against two top cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) & Ethereum(ETH), we have compared them based on different metrics such as 24H Trading Volume , Market Capitalization , All Time High & Low Prices etc.. Comparing these three coins we can conclude that Arbitrum’s market cap is significantly lower than both BTC & ETH but its 24 hour trading volume is higher than both indicating there are more people transacting via arbitrums network than any other layer 2 solutions currently available . If it continues growing at same pace it might reach similar heights as major cryptos since all time high prices are not too far apart from each other .

Arbitrum Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

 For next 7 years predictions, it can be said that due to increasing popularity over blockchain space & increased adoption among investors potential growth opportunities will remain intact leading us towards positive gains in long term . In 2024 , arbitrums price will reach new highs crossing 3 dollar mark which could extend up till 5 dollars in 2025 before dropping back slightly around 3 dollars during late 2025 or early 2026 depending upon market conditions . This trend will continue till 2030 where we expect average trade values near 4 – 4 .50 dollars per coin making arbitrums one of most successful Layer 2 solutions available today