• Lillian Brands is hosting an introduction event to reveal its private foundation, leveraging the power of cryptocurrency and medical blockchain.
• The foundation was inspired by a local girl’s survival story and seeks to support medical care and research for children.
• The kick-off mixer will introduce attendees to the work of the foundation and finance – cryptocurrencies and medical blockchain.

Lillian Brands Launches Private Foundation

Lillian Brands, a Florida based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization composed of Lillian Finance and the Lillian Bay Foundation, is launching its private foundation to leverage the power of cryptocurrency and medical blockchain. This event will take place on June 24th, 2023 at Don Cesar in St. Petersburg, FL.

Inspired by Local Girl’s Story

The inspiration behind this launch was a local girl’s survival story – Lilly Bay’s journey to find financial support needed to save her life with the help of family, friends, and the broader Florida community. Now that she has survived, Lillian Brands aims to help families in similar situations by introducing a new funding model that amplifies the work of non-profits in terms of medical care and research for children. In its first year alone, The Lillian Bay Foundation funded 6 surgeries helping 6 children live normal lives.

Introducing Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology

This kick-off mixer will introduce attendees to both works of the foundation – finance (cryptocurrencies) & medical blockchain – as well as announce their newest partnership with Eric Stelnicki M.D., board-certified pediatric surgeon from Shriners Hospital for Children—Tampa who specializes in pediatric urology surgery.

Harnessing Power of Decentralized Finance

Together, with these two entities working together (finance & healthcare), they seek to harness the power of decentralized finance forever changing and enhancing impacts within the non-profit sector & medical healthcare industry globally for improved transparency & integration with blockchain technology into modern day medical practices/procedures .

Goals for Future Impact

Closing out this article is a summary from Brad Beatty (founder): “Our team is eager to announce world’s first medical blockchain consensus & are excited all products contribute funding philanthropic endeavors through The Lillian Bay Foundation” conveying their hopes/goals for future impact from this project!