• Solana Network has witnessed just one outage in February 2023 and its stability and uptime have improved since then.
• The network performance report showed improved indicators including the ratio of non-voting to voting transactions, block production time, and number of transactions per second.
• Solana Labs recently introduced a new development tool called Solang for greater accessibility for EVM developers.

Solana Network Performance Improves

The Solana Foundation has released a H1 2023 network performance report that shows that the Solana blockchain’s stability and uptime have improved so far this year. Since February 25th, according to the most recent data, there have been no outages on the network. This contrasts with February’s single disruption which brought the network down for about 19 hours.

Network Indicators Improve

The network performance report revealed improvements in various indicators including the ratio of non-voting to voting transactions, the time it takes to produce a block, and the number of transactions processed per second. According to Dune Analytics, the current network throughput is 3,777 transactions per second. Additionally, state compression is a new innovation that has allowed data to be stored on-chain resulting in significant savings such as dropping minting costs for 100 million NFTs down to 50 SOL.

Solang Introduces Greater Accessibility

In order to make developing on Solana more accessible for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) developers, Solana Labs has recently released a new development tool called Solang. It is fully compatible with Solidity programming language creating an easy transition from one platform to another for developers familiar with EVM development languages.

Previous Outages

There have been several major outages on the Solana blockchain throughout its history such as denial-of-service attack by bots spamming Raydium causing seven hour disruption in May 2022 or consensus failure induced by bug in June 2022 leading to another outage lasting 7 hours long..


Overall it appears that since February 2023 when there was an 19 hour long outage due to validators opting for restarting of the network ,the stability and uptime of the solanahas reflected positively with only one other outage occuring this year . With improvement seen in various indicators like ratio of non-voting transaction , time taken for producing blocks ,network throughput etc plus introduction of new developments tools like solang , it looks like solanahas entered into era fo greater stability and accessibility .